The JOHN KIRKPATRICK BAND ~ The Complete John Kirkpatrick Band FLED 3091

A timely re-issue of two fabulous folk-rock albums from the JOHN KIRKPATRICK Band.

Fronted by England’s finest accordion maestro the band included GRAEME TAYLOR (guitars), MICHAEL GREGORY (percussion), DAVE BERRY (bass) and PAUL BURGESS (fiddle and recorders). Together they recorded some of the most powerful folk-rock of the late 20th century.  FORCE OF HABIT was originally released in 1996 and WELCOME TO HELL a year later. The COMPLETE JOHN KIRKPATRICK Band brings together both albums and a rare live recording from Cambridge Folk Festival in one discrete slim-line 2CD digipac with new sleevenotes and all elements of the original artwork.

‘Fans of traditional British dance music will get a huge kick out of this album.’  MOJO

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CD one:
Pepper In The Brandy / The Seven Coloured Linnet
The Cheshire Rounds / The Old Lancashire Hornpipe
George’s Son
Medley of Four Morris Tunes  
Menage Á Trois
White Fryer’s Hornpipe / Shreds And Patches
Black Against The Snow 
Blue Balloon9 Step And Fetch Her
10 Bread And Jam Waltzer / Mr Gubbins’ Bicycle
11  Seventeen Come Sunday 
12  The Oakham Poachers 
13  Gas Almost Works
14  Princess Royal
15  The Swirling Serpent / Beast Of Burden

CD two:
Long Odds / Dr Cosgill’s Delight
Step Dance Tunes
The Golden Grain / The Golden Cornpipe
Fields Of Gold
Lovely Nancy
Welcome To Hell
Shropshire Tunes
Accordion Joe
On The Road To Freedom
10  Fill ‘Em Up Rosie
11  49003 / 55005

Release date : 22nd July 2013
Barcode number: 5020393 309127