The INCREDIBLE STRING BAND ~ Wee Tam & The Big Huge FLED 3079

Layout 5Layout 5Wee Tam & The Big Huge the Incredible String Band’s fourth record was conceived as a majestic double album, but confusingly released in November 1968 as a double album and as two separate single LPs. The set is regarded by many fans to be, along with its predecessor The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter, their finest studio work.

By the second half of 1968 the ISB saw their popularity and reputation growing on both sides of the Atlantic. They began to sell out large concert venues like the Fillmore (East and West) and London’s Royal Albert Hall. Wee Tam & The Big Huge reflects an even wider variety of influences and is packed to overflowing with classic songs from Mike Heron and Robin Williamson.

The Fledg’ling deluxe 2CD digipac edition comes in a choice of two stunning front covers! Carefully remastered by original producer Joe Boyd and engineer John Wood with acclaimed mastering technician Simon Heyworth. The sets incorporate all elements of the original artwork and new sleevenotes from Mr Boyd.

track list:
1   Job’s Tears
2   Puppies
3   Beyond The See
4   The Yellow Snake
5   Log Cabin Home In The Sky
6   You Get Brighter
7   The Half-Remarkable Question
8   Air
9   Ducks On A Pond

1   Maya
2   Greatest Friend
3   The Son Of Noah’s Brother
4   Lordly Nightshade
5   The Mountain Of God
6   Cousin Caterpillar
7   The Iron Stone
8   Douglas Traherne Harding
9   The Circle Is Unbroken

Mike Heron : lead vocals, guitar, sitar, bass, organ, harpsichord, washboard, percussion, harmonica
Robin Williamson : lead vocals, guitar, bass, piano, drums, whistle, organ, violin, Irish harp, gimbri, sarangi, harpsichord, flute, kazoo, bass drum
Rose : violin, percussion
Licorice : Irish harp, percussion

Release date : 29th March 2010
Barcode number : 5020393 307925