JOHN KIRKPATRICK ~ God Speed The Plough FLED 3084

In the popular BBC television series “Victorian Farm” first shown in 2008, JOHN KIRKPATRICK was the fellow who popped up now and again contributing appropriate traditional songs, tunes, dances, and snippets about old customs and folklore. His new album GOD SPEED THE PLOUGH presents a programme of songs which take us through a year in the countryside: “The Victorian Farmer’s Year In Song – songs about farmers, and songs sung by farmers; songs about the work on the farm, and songs to make that work easier; songs celebrating particular days in the country calendar, and songs celebrating the daily miracle of life, death, and renewal. And the world we are shown here is not a romantic pastoral idyll viewed through rose-tinted spectacles – this is a world full of sweat and muck, a world with dirt under the finger nails, a world full of snorting, and grunting, and heaving.”

Squeezebox maestro JOHN KIRKPATRICK is one of the giants of the British folk scene and the BBC Radio 2 Folk Musician of 2010.


track list:
1  The First Of May
2  The Thrashing Machiners
3  The Wassailing Bowl
4  Peas Beans, And Oats
5  Bean Setters / Bean Planting
6  The Carter’s Song
7  Sheeover Birds
8  Polly’s Father
9  Drink, Boys, Drink
10  The Oxen Ploughing
11  The Sweet Month Of May
12  Speed The Plough
13  God Speed The Plough
14  The Grumbling Farmers
15  What’s The Life Of A Man?
16  The Farmer’s Boy

John Kirkpatrick : treble and bass anglo concertina, one-row four-stop melodeon, button accordion and vocals
Sally Kirkpatrick : chorus & harmony vocals

JOHN KIRKPATRICK ~ God Speed The Plough
CD and DL  FLED 3084
Released : 28th March 2011
Barcode number : 5020393 308427