five005.jpgA fantastic collaborative album from five divas of folk, blues and soul. Recorded in 1995 on the Isle of Man, this album stands “a benchmark of British folk singing.”
The very cream of British women singers – CHRISTINE COLLISTER, MELANIE HARROLD, JULIE MATTHEWS, HELEN WATSON & CHRIS WHILE – in a unique collaboration, producing a sound that is both inspired & breathtaking.

track list:
Over & Over
Ain’t No Sunshine
Another Year Another Day
The Calling
The Letter
Father Adieu
Shake Out Your Silver
Circle Round The Sun
Rise Above The Tide Of Life

CHRISTINE COLLISTER – vocals, guitar, shaker, tambourine
MELANIE HARROLD – vocals, guitar, piano
JULIE MATTHEWS – vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin
HELEN WATSON – vocals, guitar, harmonica
CHRIS WHILE – vocals, guitar, dulcimer

Released 11th April 1996
Barcode number: 5020393 100526