BOB COPPER ~ A Man Of No Consequence

a man of..This is Bob Copper’s final book, which had been completed and edited at the time of his death nine years ago. This volume fills in the many gaps left by his previous works. It provides a charming and detailed account of his life as a peacetime soldier in the Lifeguards between the wars, and his wartime service as Coroners Officer in Worthing during WW2. It also covers the early days of the English Folk Revival and subsequent involvement in the folk scene. His postwar career as a publican is related with some hilarious anecdotes.

Not only for Copper Family ‘completists’, this book provides a valuable social history of the life of a Southern English countryman from the 1930s to the present day. An insight into what made this remarkable self-taught hero of the English traditional music scene tick, this is a beautifully-written memoir. Highly recommended! You can purchase the book, for £15 plus postage.


A Man of No Consequence
Author: Bob Copper
Paperback: 246 pages; 1st edition (2013)
Publisher: Coppersongs