WING1001_Package_AW_FinalAt the beginning of Shirley Collins’ recording career in 1959 she recorded a series of 7” vinyl EPs. Originally released in short press runs, these rare early recordings have been very hard to find for nearly five decades. Fledg’ling Records are very proud to announce a newly re-mastered edition of ‘The Foggy Dew’ EP will be released in September 2014 in a front-laminated, flipback sleeve, just like the original, and an illustrated inner bag with period reviews from the archives.

Very rare in its original form, this will be the first time this iconic record has been made available as a vinyl EP since its first release half a century ago.

“… picking her way back across almost a century, finding for herself the
traditional heart of each song… What comes through is sincerity, purity of
instinct, and a tremendous depth of feeling.” Alan Lomax

SHIRLEY COLLINS : vocal & banjo
with ROBIN HALL : guitar

1  The Berkshire Tragedy
2  The Foggy Dew
3  Geordie
4  Brigg Fair

Release date : 15th September 2014
Barcode number: 5020393 100144