JOHN KIRKPATRICK ~ The Dance Of The Demon Daffodils FLED 3075

Squeezebox maestro JOHN KIRKPATRICK is one of the giants of the British folk scene. Over the past three decades he has appeared on hundreds of recordings, yet, seldom has he had the opportunity to record a whole album of his original compositions. The Dance of the Demon Daffodils is just that – a splendid collection of his tunes recorded by the master.

“I’ve been making up tunes for almost as long as I’ve been playing them. It’s impossible to explain why that should happen, but it just does. Quite a few of my own compositions have been recorded over the years, not only by me.” At the last count John had composed over 130 tunes, The Dance of the Demon Daffodils showcases 32 of the very best.


JOHN KIRKPATRICK – accordions, melodeons and concertinas

1   The Dance of the Demon Daffodils
2   The Black Stallion / Prasutagus
3   The Three Piece Suite
4   Leaping Jack / Living in Sin / Great Gusto
5   Puddleglum’s Misery / Accordionism / Jump at the Sun
6   Chomping the Barley / The Rat-a-Tat Polka / Benders in the Vestry
7   The Henceforward Lover
8   The Three Speed Plough / The Hafren Hornpipe and a Half / Unchristmas
9   The Source of the Thames
10   Kerlebbeddy’s Hat-Trick / The Singing Devil / The Pineapple Patch
11   Petal of Spice / Blossom Made of Fire
12   Mrs Fox Dances / The Trout in the Crown
13   Shiner
14   Hunting the Deer / The Boar Hunters
15   Footing the Bill / An Unexpected Pleasure
16   The Fork Stuck Under the Door / Fishing on a Bicycle

Release date : 15th June 2009
Barcode number : 5020393307529