At the height of the British blues boom in the late 1960s, a handful of musicians came to prominence reinterpreting the acoustic country blues of the 1920s and ’30s. So in the winter of 1968/’69, Ian Anderson assembled a lively country blues band for his debut album Stereo Death Breakdown. The master tapes were thought to be lost forever, but recent detective work by Fledg’ling Records unearthed them in the vault where they’d been carefully stored.

So here, re-mastered from those original tapes, with two bonus tracks from a contemporary session and new notes by Mr. Anderson, is a long-lost British blues collectors’ piece, finally re-issued just in time for its 40th anniversary.

Ian Anderson : National & 12-string guitars, vocals
Chris Turner : harmonica (1-12)
Bob Rowe : bass guitar
Bob Hall : piano
‘Harmonica Annie’ Matthews : vocal (4)
Ron Needles : mandolin
Brian Claxton : washboard
Pete Hossell : jug, shouts
Dave Jeffs : harmonica (13-14)
Mel Wright : drums (13-14)

1  Get In That Swing
2  Little Boy Blue
3  (My Babe She Ain’t Nothing But A Doggone) Crazy Fool Mumble
4  New Lonesome Day
5  Short Haired Woman Blues
6  Hot Times
7  Stereo Death Breakdown
8  When I Get To Thinking
9  Way Up On Your Tree
10  Break ‘Em On Down
11  That’s Alright
12  Baby Bye You Bye
13  Put It In A Frame
14  Stop And Listen

Release date : 12th January 2009
Barcode number : 5020393307321